Wedding Branding

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When Tawny and Peter approached me to work on the branding for their wedding, they told me their goal was to unite their friends and family for three days at the Oz Farm in California's northern coast through cooking meals, flower arranging, meditation, campfire sing-alongs and their wedding ceremony. The challenge was to create a mood that captured these ideas as well as their unique personal styles.


To understand Tawny and Peter's vision, they answered an in-depth questionnaire, followed up with a phone call to go over their answers and determine how their wedding should be perceived. Using this information, a presentation was created to outline their objectives, inspiration and style to ensure we were all on the same page before any design work was started.


Drawing inspiration from 70's communes and Tawny and Peter's fascination with The Source Family, the wedding was reimagined as a 3-day commune. Icons were created as the main graphical elements and were used to reference various structures and activities on the schedule, map and flags placed around the farm. This enabled guests to easily locate their sleeping arrangements and activities happening during the weekend.

Engagement photo by Scot Woodman